Microchipping a Pet

Dr. Todd Prince has practiced as a veterinarian for 25 years. During that time, Dr. Todd Prince has advised pet owners on a number of important pet-health topics, including the decision to microchip a pet.

Many pet owners worry about what might happen if a pet escapes an enclosure or slips out the door of the house. For instance, the pet could get injured, or the owner might not be able to find the pet again. However, getting a pet microchipped can help prevent this problem, as people can locate the pet through the use of the microchip and its associated database.

In addition to helping reunite pet owners with their pets, microchips are easy to implant. A veterinarian can do the procedure in the office, and the pet can be awake during the procedure. It feels about the same to a pet as getting a shot, so there’s no need for general anesthesia.

The person implanting the chip will use a syringe device and needle to place the chip under the pet’s skin, often in the area of the neck or shoulder blades. Once inserted, the chip will remain in place and serve as an important locating tool, giving the pet owner additional peace of mind.


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